¡Bienvenidos a mi blog!


Hola. Bienvenidos a mi blog. Me llamo Joshua Cummings. Tengo 24 años. Are you impressed with my Spanish yet? I didn’t think so. Living in San Diego, CA (just minutes away from Mexico), most people aren’t. Spanish is somewhat engrained in our culture considering it is spoken by over 12 million people in the state of California alone. Not to mention that the land was taken from Mexico, but I’m going to try my best not to get into any politics in this blog.

So, why am I pushing myself to speak conversational Spanish in 6 months you might ask? Well, there are two reasons.

1. A strong desire is nothing without a specific attainable goal.

I have always wanted to learn Spanish, but I have always had an “I’ll get around to it” attitude. I would hear close friends and family members speak it and and dream that one day I would speak it too. I would go to the market and hear this beautiful language and really only understand one or two words out of a conversation. I’m tired of dreaming and I want to start living. I am creating this blog to show you that my “desire” to learn Spanish is now a “need” to learn Spanish, and that without this need, my dream will never come true.

2. If 12 million people speak it my home state, why don’t I?

There is not a day that goes by where I don’t hear Spanish used in conversation. In fact, my fiancée’s (or “mi prometida” as I have recently learned to call her) entire family speaks it! If I can’t truly communicate with my own family in their native language, I cannot fully understand their rich culture. In this country we are taught that English is the best way and English is the right way, but I choose not to believe this. English is ONE way, like a one way street that prevents us from exploring the thousands of incredibly interesting crossroads and boulevards in life. I dream of having a bilingual family so that my children don’t get stuck with this “one way street” mentality. Besides, how many of us get out into the real world and say, “Man, I wish I was bilingual like so and so.”

In summary, this blog will explore the social aspects of learning to speak conversational Spanish in the United States (which is the opposite of what most people do when moving to this country). I will share my stories, my struggles and successes, as well as any and all best practices I learn along the way.


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2 responses to “¡Bienvenidos a mi blog!”

  1. Eric Cummings says :

    I really like the way you communicated your mission and why you want to learn Spanish! You can do it… just keep practicing and don’t give up!

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